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2014 Tans Tasman Challenge - 23&24 April 2014 - Rotorua Pétanque Club, New Zealand

  Trans Tasman Senior winners.

2014 Trans Tasman SENIORS (Over 60) division

Australia 65 points defeated New Zealand 55 points        Results

Players: (from SA)
Annie Hambour
Valmai Nicol Prospect
Dave Ward FAB/Prospect
Guy Detot Coonawarra

Coach: Adrian Clements
Manager: Mike Mulvihill

           "The CUP runeth over"... from New Zealand to Australia... for the first time since 2007

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SAPL Interclub Round 5 - 16 March 2014 - Adelaide Hills Pétanque Club           results          

1st Round 5 2nd Round 5
1st: Alexi, Tim and George (ESP)   2nd: Luke, Rob and Stan (Gawler)
Presentations made by SAPL President Adrian Clements              photos courtesy of Anna O'Connor

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PFA Interstate Challenge 2013 - 9&10 November 2013 - Prospect Pétanque Club    results

SA 'Open' & 'Over 60' VICTORY




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CONGRATULATIONS! - Club de pétanque d'adelaide - Winners 2012-2013 SAPL Interclub Competition
2012-2013 Interclub winners - CPA
"Well done in particular to Margaret, Axel and Matt, who took the crucial third position in
this round and were the club's leading points scorers in each of the last three rounds.

SAPL Interclub Round 6 - 23 June 2013 - Eastern Suburbs Pétanque Club                    Results

 Presentations made by SAPL President Adrian Clements...
Round 6 1st. Round 6 2nd. Round 6 3rd.
 1st: George, Alexi & Arwed (ESP)  2nd: Wendy, Deb & Anna (ESP)  3rd: Margaret, Axel & Matt (CPA)

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2013 Trans Tasman Challenge - 18&19 May 2013 - Lake McQuarie Pétanque Club, NSW       results

Australian 2013 Trans Tasman Junior Team Australian 2013 Trans Tasman Over 60s Team
Australian 2013 Trans Tasman Junior Team
SA player:  Luke Randall (Gawler PC)
Australian 2013 Trans Tasman Over 60s Team
SA players:  Glenis Head (Gawler PC),
Valmai Nicoll, Mike Mulvihill & Dave Ward (Prospect PC)
Images coutesy of Stan Wilson (Gawler PC) - 2013 Trans-Tas Tournament Director, PFA Vice President and 2013 Trans-Tas PFA delegate.   

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2013 Trans Tasman Challenge - 18&19 May 2013 - Lake McQuarie Pétanque Club, NSW       results

Luke Randall









Luke Randall (Gawler Pétanque Club) "Prince of Pétanque" brings home 'GOLD'. From the Sport page of "The Leader" newspaper.    Click here to view full article.

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2012-13 Interclub Round 4, Adelaide Hills Pétanque Club, 21 April 2013          Results            game details
A thick fog, 35 mm of rain and temperatures in the single digits..
Stiling weather...

Stirling weather...
Stirling weather...
...Images courtesy of Stan Wilson   

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2012 Australian National Doubles Championship - 28-29 April - Camberwell Pétanque Club, Victoria

Adrian and Tony.


Adrian Clements and Tony Stojsic
Men's Over 60s - Runners up



SAPL Easter Mixed Triples Competition - Gawler Pétanque Club 7 April 2012     results

2+1 principale winners. 2+1 2+1 consolante winners
2+1 Principale Winners l-r: SAPL President Adrian Clements, Tony Stojsic, Gawler Pétanque Club President Glenis Head, Lisa Stewart and Craig Stewart. 2+1 Consolante Winners l-r: Gawler Pétanque Club President Glenis Head, Margaret Monneron, Axel Monneron and Llianne Healey.

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2012 Trans Tasman Challenge

Resplendent in their recently received PFA pétanque uniforms and finalising their preparation for the "2012 Trans Tasman Challenge", our five players are part of the twelve member Over-60s team to represent Australia.
Getting older, but still seduced by another opportunity for glory, they are about to head to Wanganui, New Zealand for the “Challenge” on 14-15 April.
SA Trans-Tasman players.
l-r: Allan Sanderson (PPC), Valmai Nicoll (PPC), Adrian Clements (CPA), Tony Stojsic (CPA), Dave Ward (PPC).,

Results           Comprehensive report submitted by Warren Sowter, National Administrative Director of Coaching.            Back to top  

Guy Detot
... our Coonawarrior,
has returned from 15th Asian Pétanque Championship 2011.
                       The Championship was held in Nonthaburi, Thailand, on 15-19 December 2011.                          results    report

Below: Guy as our flag bearer in the opening 'parade'. and (Inset) receiving a bouquet from the Asian Pétanque & Sports Boule Confederation President Air-Chief Marshal Kamthon SINDHVANANDA
Guy Detot in Thailand.
Photos courtesy of Warren Sowter, 2011Asian Pétanque Championship, Australian Team, delegate and head coach.

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SAPL Interclub Round 6 - 19 June 2011 - Eastern Suburbs Pétanque Club     [results]

Interclub 2010-2011 Champions.
Having lead after each round, Prospect Pétanque Club has cemented the 2010-2011 Interclub Championship by 7 points
with 2nd place (24 points) and 5th place (15 points) in the final Round 6 at ESP.

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2011 SAPL State Doubles Championship -
Prospect Pétanque Club - 15 May 2011




State Open Champions  and 
State Over 60s Champions

Jean-Philippe Guglielmi & Dave Ward



2011 State Doubles Champions.

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Fernando Martin Commemerative Trophy - Chateau Dorrien - Sunday 1 May 2011 [results]
The winners shared over $1000.00 worth of prizes. Prizes presented by Jeanette Martin.
Tony Stojsic and Thomas Heridia were runners up in the Principale which was won by Dominique and Rada Pierre.
Richard Voskamp and Marty Verdonk won the Consolante.
The trophy will be displayed at Chateau Dorrien with the winners names displayed. This trophy competition will be an annual event from now on... Best Regards, Stan Wilson.       - NOTE! This Competition is a NON sanctioned competition.

Fernando Trophy Fernando Trophy Fernando Trophy
1st Rada and Dominique Pierre 2nd Tony Stojsic & Tomas Heredia Conslante winners Marty Verdonk
& Richard Voskamp

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2011 Australian Triples Championships - Easter- Highfields NSW.             [results]
Medal face. Mark Coy. Medal inscription

Mark Coy was unofficially voted the 2011 Australian Triples Championships Competition's 'Most Improved Player'.
Mark, with Dave Ward and Dominique Pierre won the '2011 Australian Triples Championships Open Consolante' defeating the other South Australian Open Team of Adrian Clements, Tony Stojsic and Tomas Heredia:- Score 13-6.
Rada Pierre, Tina Stockley and Jenny Key finished fourth in the Women's Consolante.

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2010 South Australian Interstate Pétanque Challenge Over 60s Team

Over 60s team 2010
top l-r: Glenis Head, Tony Stojsic, Sue Williams, Allan Sanderson, Llianne Healey, Valmai Nicoll
bottom l-r: Mike Mulvihill, Dave Ward and Brett Williams.

After 7 weeks of training the team is heading for Sydney to play on Sat 13 and Sun 14 November.

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2010-2011 SAPL South Australian State Triples Champions                                                  Results

State Triples Winners

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Final SAPL 2009-2010 Interclub Round 6 held at ESP - 20 June 2010

Shield winner ESP.
Tournament Director Adrian Clements
(right) presents the coveted 2009-2010
SAPL Interclub Division 1 Shield to
Eastern Suburbs Pétanque Club
President Marcus Marendaz.


Div 1 winners.
Tournament Director Adrian Clements (right) presents medals to Division 1 Winners (l-r) Richard Voskamp, Alan Matthews and Marty Verdonk from Prospect Pétanque Club...
Div 2 winners
... and to Division 2 Winners (l-r) J Weatherly, Carol Perks and Dieter Loebel from the Adelaide Hills Pétanque Club

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14th Coonawarra Classic Pétanque Clash - 13 & 14 February 2010 - The Winners    
            [pictorial supplement]                         [results]

Winning moment

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Final SAPL 08-09 Interclub Round 6 held at Prospect - 28 June 2009

The "star team" of the 08-09 SAPL pétanque year was the team with the "young guns" :- Raja Jamaladine, Iskender Maski and Sukrit Vaswani.
They finished the year with another "blinder"... and were they ever "chuffed" by that ?!?!!?     Check-out their progress.

Sukrit Ken, Raja & Dominique

One more point will make Sukrit's teammates happy...

Raja & Iskender "We've done it".. much to Dominique's      chagrin
Division 1 winners. Division 2 winners.
Division1 1st - with SAPL President Graham Clark.

Div2 1st - Marilyn Blyth, Grant Ashmeade & Trudy Morris

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2009 International Easter Petanque Triple Open  10-12 April - Newcastle NSW

2009 National Easter Competition

Prospect Pétanque Club players Valmai Nicoll and Mike Mulvihill with Victorian "shooter" David Walker (centre) came a creditable 3rd at the 2009 International Easter Pétanque Triple Open held in Newcastle on 10-12 April.

Having won the International Easter Petanque Triple Open Veterans Championships in 2006 at Hanging Rock and again in 2007 at Murray Bridge, it was nice to be among the medals after only winning the social division in 2008.

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Fundraiser at Copperwaite Saturday 28 February 2009

Report by Stan Wilson.

Over 40 people gathered on Saturday
28 Feb in beautiful late summer weather. During the morning, some strolled in the grounds while others enjoyed the stunning swimming pool and spa. After lunch most played three games of Pétanque on different playing areas selected from the 13 designated areas. Article 5 of the rule book; "pétanque can be played on any terrain” was amply demonstrated. Some of the playing areas were bounded by precipitous drops and thick undergrowth. Surprisingly, in spite of some anxious moments only one boule was lost for ever! In the evening guests were entertained by "Spiral Dance" and those with sufficient energy danced on the lawn till dusk.
$365 was raised for the SAPL Junior Development Fund.

Copperwaite fundraiser

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13th Coonawarra Vignerons “Classic Clash Pétanque Tournament”  14-15 February 2009







from kiss...



to this...

Winners with trophy.

Having qualified for the principale on Saturday and not wanting to be "relegated" to the Ladies category on the second day of the competition Anna O'Connor, Deb Rodda and Wendy Bensen (Eastern Suburbs Pétanque Club) opted for the "tougher" path by staying in the "Open" category.
Their decision was vindicated by an awesome display of power pétanque...
Quarter final:- defeated Gary van Someren, Rex Brown & Jonathon Burgess (Apollo Bay). Score: 13 - 9
Semi final:- defeated Alexi Alexi, Mahesh Vaswani & Arwed Turon (Easter Suburbs Pétanque). Score: 13 - 1
Final:- defeated David Williams, Dave Walker & Bernie Bommarito (Melbourne). Score: 13 - 1

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2008 State doubles
SAPL 2008 State Doubles Championship - 9 November 2008 - Prospect       pictorial Supplement      results

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2008 PFA National Triples in Melbourne Saturday 19 January 2008

2008 National Triples Melbourne

Preliminary rounds of 2008 PFA National Triples in Melbourne, Victoria - Saturday 19 January 2008.                 results

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